aka Bravo,  American Saddlebred gelding 
2003 - 2023
WC Castle Bravo x Poiz

Bravo was born on our farm in Kentucky.   He did a bit of dressage and jumping along the way.  He had the most perfect ears and soft eyes.  Bravo was Janeene's buddy and pleasure horse; a sweet, innocent and playful friend.   
aka Duncan -- 2003 Shire gelding
2003 - 2022

  Duncan was a very big presence on our farm - obviously!  
He was Janeene's main riding partner for years - personality plus and an incredibly sweet spirit.  

aka Trooper
April 14, 2003 - June 8, 2019
Dearly Missed - Such a sweet boy! 
American Saddlebred gelding
Mountainview's O Heavenly Day x  A Savannah Night
1/2 Brother to Singsation 

2004 Carolinas Yearling Amateur Futurity Winner
photo by James Hodge
photo by Bob Mischka
photo by Janeene Jennings
photo by Shirley McQuillan
photo by Janeene Jennings
freeze frame from video
photo by Janeene Jennings
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"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."  - Anatole France
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PHAEDRA  F.   Ster
               1997 FPS FHANA Ster Mare
Laes x Gerlof
1997 - 2008
Phaedra was the Queen Mother of our farm.  A lovely full papered Star mare.  She is forever in our hearts and lives on in her two beautiful babies, Dolf - 2001 gelding by Tjimme and Vegas - 2006 mare by Anton. Both owned by the Hamiltons in Charleston WV.

See her beautiful babies on our Sold Horses page.

ASHA Combined Driving High Point Champion in 2011
                      ASHA Combined Driving Reserve High Point Champion 2012 and 2013
                               ASHA Combined Driving High Point Champion for Region 8 in 2012 and 2013

Darryl and Trooper brought in ribbons at the Kentucky Classic CDE and won Preliminary Single Horse at Hermitage CDE two years in a row.
Trooper settled into pleasure riding with Janeene after his competition days.  

Tjimme x Zinnia (Dam)

1999 Friesian mare (FHANA)
May 25, 1999 - August 10, 2012

Zenobia was an incredibly sweet mare - typical of the Friesian personality.  She had two fabulous foals, both Georgian Grandes (Friesian/Saddlebred)  Knight Skye's Dark Diva and Knight Skye's Zensation.  See them on our Sold Horses page.  Janeene and Zenobia were best friends and riding partners off and on between foals.  Zenobia is with her good buddy Phaedra now, grazing in lush pastures. 


1986 American Saddlebred mare
WC Captive Spirit x WC Starina
1986 - January 11, 2013

Poiz was a wonderful mother to several foals, including Wing's Spirit, Bravo's Knight Watch 
and Knight Skye's Storm Chaser.  She stamped her foals with refined heads with nicely tipped 
ears and her soulful eyes.  Poiz was kind to all, a sweet and gentle spirit with a bit of sass 
thrown in.  She was a great mare for us.  We miss her sweet face.
Our task must be to free ourselves....by widening our circle of compassion to include all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty.   --   Albert Einstien
1999 - 2023
aka Clint,  American Saddlebred gelding
Mountainview's Oh Heavenly Day x Brigadier's Windsong  

Clint was Mr. Sophistication here on our farm - refined and dignified.  He was a true gentleman of a horse.  

Clint began his career in the Saddleseat world - after winning his futurity, he was shown in fine harness and 5 gaited divisions, with numerous wins in different divisions.   As an 8 year old, Clint made a transition into the world of Combined Driving.  He and Darryl competed together successfully collecting the ribbons.  Clint won the Intermediate Single Horse Division at Iron Horse CDE 2010 and the 2010 Indiana CDE with international driver, Sterling Graburn, Whip.  
Clint won ASHA High Point Championships in 2009 and 2010.  An injury forced his early retirement in 2010.  
Clint typifies the American Saddlebred; personable, athletic, intelligent and versatile! 

In 2018 The American Saddlebred Horse Association awarded Singation the prestigous Wing Tempo Award - "An American Saddlebred receiving this award has achieved excellence of the highest order in disciplines and venues not typically considered within the standard show ring structure."
The American Saddlebred Horse Association created a short promotional video with Singation to showcase the amazing versatility of this breed.  

Bravo's Knight Watch
Northeast Stanley
ASHA Video
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All the horses that remained with us through the years have passed now and are missed beyond measure.
They leave us with wonderful memories and live forever in our hearts.
Trooper's breeder said he was the sweetest foal she ever raised. She even gave him the barn name "Precious".  Since he ended up 16'3" the barn name was changed but it still fit him well. He was "precious" and did everything we ever asked of him - he was such a good boy.

I see myself/my life, in Bravo's eye...